NJ-CRC Accepting Licensing Applications for Wholesale, Distribution & Delivery for Social Equity & Diversity Owned Businesses

Applications for wholesale, distribution, and delivery of recreational cannabis licenses are now being accepted for Social Equity and Diversity Owned Businesses by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC.) Beginning September 27, 2023, Social Equity Businesses will be given priority review and approval as the application opens for an exclusive 90-day period. Beginning on December 27, 2023, while still accepting applications from Social Equity Businesses, the application process for Diversely Owned Businesses will also be made available. Finally, the application process will be opened to all other applicants beginning on March 27, 2024.

Applicants will be able to apply for business licenses in the three below classes.

  • A Class 3 Cannabis Wholesale license allows the holder to store, buy, and sell bulk cannabis and cannabis products.
  • A Class 4 Cannabis Distribution license allows the holder to transport bulk cannabis and cannabis products between cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, or retailers within New Jersey.
  • A Class 6 Cannabis Delivery license allows the holder to transport retail-purchased cannabis and cannabis products to consumers.

A Social Equity Business is defined as businesses that are “are owned by people who have lived in an Economically Disadvantaged Area of the state or who have convictions for cannabis-related offenses (expunged or not).”

A Diversely Owned Business is defined as businesses that are “minority-owned, woman-owned, or disabled veteran-owned and certified as such by the New Jersey Department of the Treasury in one or more of the listed categories.” If you have any questions about the applications process, contact Michael Grohs or Justin Calta of Saiber LLC’s Cannabis Law practice.